B2B Digital Sales and Marketing

Larger deals with a personal yet automated approach

B2B sales often mean fewer, but bigger, and more complex accounts (bureaucratic, risk-averse with many stakeholders influencing decisions).

As a seller, you need to increase sales probability by building trust and influencing more stakeholders on the customer side, not just the obvious decision-makers.

To do that, you need to combine your field expertise, some automated marketing tactics, and smart lead generation. That will allow you to increase the effect 10X.

What I will go through in the course:

How to:

  1. Identify what drives the market and what other solution categories there is – be the guide!
  2. Connect your messaging to those change drivers and categories
  3. Create trust by building appearing as a leader (optimize LinkedIn profile, network, content and outreach)
  4. Work the decision community (not the alleged decision maker)
  5. Focus on the relevant leads and close more deals

Your Instructor

Johan Wallquist
Johan Wallquist

Helping clients invent, launch and scale new game-changing businesses.

Together with my clients and students, we explore the tools and tactics needed to grow ideas into great businesses. We use the power of digital solutions to create real results in a smart way.

My courses and services are based on curiosity, constant learning and experiences from 10+ years of digital consulting and projects for companies like Accenture, H&M, Volvo, Match.com, Scania, Ericsson but also creative startups. I really hope I can help more people, entrepreneurs and businesses around the world.


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