The avatar creation project was a great way of learning the technology but limited resources and a huge amount of competitors in that arise during the Gen-AI hype 2023 made me close it down and focus on other AI initiatives.

Get started with avatar creation

To be able to create avatars you need to register a creator account. You can access and explore the function free of charge. You will only get charged when you create the avatar video.

Here's how it's done:

  1. Click the button to register your creator account and credit card in Stripe (new page will open).
  2. That will automatically give you access to the avatar creation page and all other free content.
  3. When done, click here or on button #2 to access your avatar creation page.

Registered successfully? Then your account has been setup and you can proceed below.

Example Video

This is how a video can look like. The speaking avatar is completely made digitally. No coding experience or video equipment are needed. As easy as filling out a form. Give it a try.